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A Unique Resource

For the first time, a unique online resource chronicling British success at the Academy Awards - the Oscars ®.

Introducing film fans the world over to artists of British origin shown acclaim by their peers, Britannium celebrates all of our Oscar recipients and notable nominees.

Via in-depth research and interviews we reveal the hard work behind the glory. With utmost respect to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Britannium will launch in 2011 - The British Are Coming ......soon!

Jay Glennie


David Parfitt - "Look, did I expect to win? No, Did I want to win? Absolutely, no hesitation - YES!"

Jeremy Thomas - "Of course it affected my career, because within this career winning an Oscar is like being anointed, a sort of statement, which in turn gave me extra credibility in Hollywood."

Lord Puttnam - "Of course the Academy Awards are fantastically important......"

Julie Christie - "Whilst it IS a huge honour I was concerned that they had given this award to somebody that really did not have a huge body of work behind them, surely it can't be me!"

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