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"Of course the Academy Awards are fantastically important. If you take the Oscars away you lose two things immediately; 1) The Oscars are the only reason for the film industry not to look only at the box office 2) Also you have millions of dollars of free publicity every year for a particular type of movie, the type I made i.e. not huge box office smashes. It is absolutely self evident you need that excuse once a year to seek out and recognize excellence, otherwise why should anyone strive for it if no-one ever recognizes it?"

Lord David Puttnam - Best Picture Chariots of Fire

Olivia de Havilland - "For me to be the third woman to win a second Academy Award was an extraordinarily high honour and it seemed to me quite incredible that this rare privilege would be mine." Leading Actress for To Each Their Own and The Heiress

Jeremy Thomas - "Of course it affected my career, because within this career winning an Oscar is like being anointed, a sort of statement, which in turn gave me extra credibility in Hollywood." Best Picture The Last Emperor

Sam Mendes - "Of course the tradition of the Oscars is a wonderful tradition. When you sit there and you see one of the montages, say the Best Picture winners and there goes The Godfather, On the Waterfront you just think, 'for God sake!' It is amazing to be there, it gives you the chills. That is the best part of it, this sense of continuity." Best Director American Beauty

Lord Julian Fellowes - "I said to (fellow nominee) Chris Nolan after winning my Oscar, 'Look I'm 52 I need this!'" Original Screenplay for Gosford Park

Ronald Harwood - "It is no good being blase about it, it is wonderful to be honoured by your peers." Adapted Screenplay for The Pianist

Sir Ken Adam - "I keep them, my Oscars, beside me where I do my drawing. I don't keep them as doorstops, that is just bullshit, people just trying to be cool. I feel that people who say that they don't matter, they haven't won one. Or two!" Best Art Direction for Barry Lyndon and The Madness of King George

Leslie Bricusse - "It is actually the fulfilled dream one had when one was a kid - winning an Oscar!" Best Song for 'Talk to the Animals' from Doctor Doolittle and Best Score Victor Victoria

Michael Deeley - "I was delighted; yes delighted I thought at least I have won .... something that you don't get many chances to get, an Oscar, so I was delighted" Best Picture The Deer Hunter

Hayley Mills - "I suddenly realised just how thrilling it is to stand on that stage with the Kodak Theatre filled with the cream of your profession." Outstanding Juvenile Performance for Pollyanna

Sir Michael Caine - "Look to win an Academy Award is a dream but to win twice, to have two of them is just beyond your wildest imagination." Best Supporting Actor for Hannah and Her Sisters and The Cider House Rules

Sir Peter Shaffer - The Oscar is right here in my study where I am talking to you, in my home in New York. People do always gravitate towards it. They always want to stroke its back or its arse. The result is that a lot of the brass from its arse appears to be coming off! It is true they love stroking his arse! Adapted Screenplay for Amadeus

Sir Ben Kingsley - "The more nominations I have the more my Oscar is dipped again in gold and just gets brighter with each nomination. I have one all ready and it's great." Best Actor for Gandhi

David Parfitt - "Look, did I expect to win? No, Did I want to win? Absolutely, no hesitation - YES!"Best Picture Shakespeare in Love

Sir Tim Rice - "Well certainly my aim at the beginning of the nineties was to turn my career around and winning certainly did that." Best Song for 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin; 'The Circle of Life' from The Lion King & 'You Must Love Me' from Evita

Jeremy Irons - "The Oscar is one that people gravitate to because it is the one. It is good and pure." Best Actor for Reversal of Fortune

Julie Christie - "Whilst it IS a huge honour I was concerned that they had given this award to somebody who really did not have a huge body of work behind them, surely it can't be me!" Best Actress for Darling

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